Is Shopbop Legit or Scam?

Recently, I was thinking of upgrading my wardrobe, it deserves a change. I was looking to make my style more contemporary with a slight edge. After scouring the entire internet (that’s what I felt like!) I came across Shopbop.

Now you must be thinking, here we go again, another e-commerce site to scam us. But hear me out, you guys need to check out Shopbop. I have a feeling, it can become your new favorite place to shop from.

I can practically hear the echo of the question. Is Shopbop legit? If you read this review you will find out what I think about this website.

Shopbop Review

Shopbop started off an online site for a retail shop called Bop in 1999. Founders Martha Graettinger, Ray Zemon and Bob Lamey brought the latest fashion for college students in Madison. Even though they had to close down in 2004, their online store continued selling to customers.

Amazon bought the company in the year 2006 and ever since then, it has been going strong. With an impressive collection of designer products, Shopbop has continued to dominate the online retailer game.
Customers can now shop both from its Amazon page and its own website. In fact, Shopbop runs its

website independently and even competes with its Amazon page. Almost like competing with yourself, if you think about it.

Is Shopbop Legit?

I know it claims to have the hottest fashion collections but is it worth buying from the site?
This is the question I get the most and here’s what I have to say.

Shopbop is legit, this isn’t any fraud out to get us. So far I haven’t had any reason to doubt it, shopping from Shopbop has been a pleasure. I fully recommend this site to my lovely readers because its claims are genuine.

What Is The Product Range Of Shopbop?

If you’re looking for contemporary and fresh designs, look no further than Shopbop’s product list. An impressive collection of dresses, shoes, jackets, fine jewelry are available here. It carries some well known designers as well as some lesser known ones.

Get this, clothing from my favorite brands like Zimmermann, Acne Studios and Alexander Wang are featured here. While accessories from brands like My Story and Marni are highly sought after. One cool feature of Shopbop is that you can get second hand vintage designer bags.

I love the sneakers from Golden Goose, I already bought myself two pairs of Superstar Sneakers. If you’re looking for more sneakers be sure to check out my Sneakersnstuff review.

Why Are Shopbop Products Expensive?

From its price points, you will see Shopbop is quite reasonably priced when it comes to certain things. I do admit some stuff like their diamond rings are hella expensive – But its diamonds! Some clothes are priced high amounting to almost $5000 while some you can get as low as $15.

Bags and shoes are available in both low and high prices. Some of their vintage designer bags are the most expensive items on Shopbop. I can guarantee all are fully authentic, so get ready to grab that vintage LV Monogram Ellipse Bag.

What Are Shopbop’s Delivery Options?

You must be wondering, it’s easy to click on the products and add them to your cart. But how does Shopbop measure when it comes to delivering the items? Pretty good actually, let’s find out why.

Shopbop offers three types of shipping for users. The usual standard shipping which is free for our American users and also for international users. At an additional cost, you can also opt for express shipping.

Typically it takes around 5 business days to receive your items. At best it takes around three weeks if you choose free postal shipping for international destinations. So far no complaints when it comes to their delivery options.

Can You Return or Exchange Shopbop products?

Shopbop’s return policy is pretty straightforward. You get 30 days to return anything you didn’t like in original conditions. You need to return within 15 days though to get free returns, else you face a $10 cost.

If I have to mention a con of Shopbop, it would be about its exchange policy. Unfortunately, for consumers there is no exchange option. If you get the wrong size or color, your options are to return and wait for a refund.

Even though its exchange policy leaves much to be desired, Shopbop’s pros outweigh all the disadvantages.

Does Shopbop Engage in Price Matching?

Suppose you buy a product from Shopbop and see it going on sale within two weeks. You can now ask it for a price adjustment. All you have to do is contact the customer service and it would happily reduce the price.

Not only that, you can also ask for price matching with other websites. If you find similar items selling for less in other websites, you are eligible for a price reduction.

You cannot say Shopbop isn’t committed to serving you the best prices. Customer service at its best!

Can Men Shop At Shopbop?

If you think Shopbop is only for women, you thought wrong. For men, it has its own website East Dane where they can find similar products to women’s. Designer clothing, shoes and accessories, anything a dapper guy needs are available for him.

So, what are you folks waiting for? Head over there to shop from the hundreds of options it offers.

Shopbop Alternative

If you are in the search for more options like Shopbop, you are in luck. Below I have listed two more options for you and I highly recommend them.

Revolve: Like Shopbop, Revolve is a haven for quirky designer products. From all things millennial, it also brings you some of the hottest fashion trends. You can check out my review of Revolve to find out what’s good in there.

Farfetch: Another luxury retailer that offers high-end fashion for both men and women. Designer clothing and accessories are a rife in this e-commerce site. If you are into the Gucci lifestyle Farfetch is a great option.


I have been scammed by sites to last me a lifetime. Hence, why I took the liberty of writing down this review. To jolt your brain down the memory lane, you guys asked, is Shopbop legit?

You asked and I delivered – This site is not a scam! It’s legit enough to make it your beloved site for some cool designer clothes. I love shopping from here and I am sure you would too.

Whatever you end up buying be sure to share your shopping adventures with me. Comment down below!

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