Is JustFab Legit or Scam?

Stumbling across JustFab and wondering how it works? I’m here to let you know exactly that.

The sites like these are generally always on our minds. How do they work? Do I pay to be a member? Is it scammy? Or is JustFab legit?

Hold on tight to find out. You don’t want to miss it!

JustFab Review

Here at thie review if JustFab, I will take you on a tour of the site. You’ll get answered all your burning question. And by the end of it, you’ll see for yourself if you can trust this site or not.

I’ll show you its features, whether it is legit, how it works, promo codes, its shipping and such policies and more! Stay tuned to read the rest. You’ll get all you need here.

What is JustFab

JustFab is a subscription based lifestyle and fashion website. Here, they have VIP memberships costing a monthly fee. They tailor your choices and you buy what you want and leave the rest. They are trendy and popular among the new generation.

JustFab Features

Now for the fun part! Let’s discuss features. What kind of products do they have? I’ll show you in a second.

01# Quiz: The first thing you see on their site is a ‘Take our style quiz’. Here you take the quiz. And they assess your style. They give you a stylist and you’re set. Kind of like knowing what your tastes are. Now your items will be according to your liking and close.

02# Boot shop: Their boot shop features some stunner boots you won’t find anywhere else. They have items which are sold-out in other places. So, check out their boot shops if you’re into some great boots!

03# New arrivals: This section is dedicated to new arrivals of any of their items. It’s a neat feature to have for sure. If you’re eyeing for a new release, here’s where you need to go!

04# Shoes: Shoe galore! Their website has shoes you will melt over. The shoes range from platforms, sandals, party shoes and so much more. Whatever you desire, they probably have a close match to that. Believe me!

05# Clothing: Thinking they don’t have clothing? They do! And the choices are pretty nice to look at. Pants, leggings, dresses, one pieces, denims, activewear- you name it. You can shop for shoes and clothing exactly in one site. How amazing is that?

06# Bags accessories: They have a great range of bags to select from. Their jewelry collection is also something to look out for. You can choose all sorts of designer to more affordable ones here at one go.

07# Plus size: They also feature a plus size area, dedicated to including diversity. Which is a very apt aspect. As many other stores are also doing this, I believe JustFab has stepped up their game.

08# Shops: The shops they have are their own Fall Preview Shop, Janelle Llyod Collection, Modern Femme, and such famous names. If you’re into collaborations, you’ll like these unique pieces here.

09# What’s trending + outfit inspo: The last awesome bit to JustFab is this. They have a whole section for showing what’s trending. Let’s say, yoga pants with crop tops or elegant, victorian style necks. All are here and the outfit inspos will help you pick your buy!

Is JustFab Legit?

Drum rolls please.

JustFab is legit! They are not scammy. They’re deals and prices are decent. You save a lot of bucks by being their member.

And they describe the entire process of their site beforehand. So, you’re not getting yourself into a commitment you never saw coming. That’s a trust you need with new emerging virtual shopping.

JustFab Website & Contact Information

JustFab website is a nice, calming look to the eye. It’s very organized and smooth to the taste. The left hover has all its features.

If you face any issues, you can call their customer care line at 66-337-0906 or contact them via Live Chat.

How does JustFab work

Seeing the word ‘memberships’ are a little worrying. I understand it fully. But JustFab isn’t playing.
The way they work is they give you a style quiz. Afterwards, you get top curated style for you. A personalised boutique is made for you.

Then you pay a fee monthly which you can skip too. You then shop what you want, then leave the rest. You can come back or leave anytime!

Being a VIP member also gives you perks. Huge deals and discounts too. The way they can do this is because there is no middle man in here.

The production houses send it to JustFab, and they send it to you! So a lot of costs are not incurred actually. Prices remain pretty low!

JustFab Promo & Discounts

These sort of sites always have some codes laying around or discounts here and there.

JustFab is known to always give good discounts. 30% off is for customers with VIP memberships for most products they buy. Which is the most awesome feature.

Yearly sales are also there. So if you miss out on any, just go back in holiday seasons. Or see the clearance section.

JustFab Shipping and Return Policy

I have great news for you.

If you’ve hated shipment delays forever, say no more. The shipping policy is free of charge and so is returned. As long as the products are coming to a total of $49.

Usual shipping takes 2 working days. But if you want to express, they have a detailed list of delivery charges you can find out. You can visit their site to see the deals. Even though most people may choose the standard 2 working days, for any purpose other sort of deliveries are possible.

And returns also is a good policy they have. As long as the products are in good condition. You have to be a bit cautious about sale items however. If you have any issue, of course you can shoot your concerns in their customer care hotline!

JustFab Competitors

  • Daraz

Oh my, when it comes to competition- JustFab is on a good level.

Daraz is also a lifestyle and all basic needs shop. They deliver around the world. They are larger and holds more items. But they work in similar ways. A big competition to stay clear from!

  • Reserved

Reserved is also a gem. Just like JustFab, reserved has a similar approach to their work.

The items are reasonable and of good quality. Everyone trusts Reserved a lot, and the way it does its business is also really promising. Tough call, JustFab!

JustFab Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to satisfaction, customers rate this site pretty good. They have about 10M likes on facebook.

That says a lot, right?

Customers have had negative comments in the sense that maybe the membership aspect is a scam, or shady. But with the reputation JustFab has, these remarks don’t live long. Therefore, if you’re wondering if it is worth it, I think going for it a good call. And a safe one too!


You were thinking and I was reviewing. Everything you wanted to know about JustFab is right here on your fingertips.

What are you waiting for? If you’re thinking twice of the membership, remember that it’s always cancellable. I hope the amazing choices make you stylish and super happy with every purchase.

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