Is PatPat Legit or Scam?

Hi dear friend! Thanks for taking your time to read this review about PatPat, a famous baby clothing website. Are you wondering how the site works?

When shopping for your little one, you may resist clicking on the cutest items sometimes. You may fear you’ll be scammed! I can sense you may have doubts.

So, wondering- Is PatPat legit? I have a feeling you’re thinking of it.

Well, trust me when I say that I have reviewed the entire site here. Keep reading to discover everything to know about the site!

PatPat Review

In this review you will find all about PatPat. The site is designed specifically for children’s needs and provides a reliable platform for parents to shop for babies.

They have adorable and the cutest items you’ll find hard to resist. My review here covers everything starting from how it works, to what the site features. Then I delve into whether this site is legit or not, and tell you all its ins and outs.

Leave it to me to do the talking, keep reading to know more about the site!

What is PatPat

PatPat is a one stop shop for all sorts of baby clothings. Along with that, the US based site sells exciting offers for moms too. It was founded by Albert Wang and Ken Gao, in the year 2014. They sell clothing, baby items and a lot more at good deals.

PatPat Features

01# New arrivals: There is a special section dedicated to new arrivals. This makes sure you don’t miss out on anything new coming along. It has sub sections too! So, it features all new items coming in sections of baby, toddlers, mom etc. I’d say that’s a very organised way of doing this!

02# Baby: Whether it’s a baby boy or girl, PatPat has got you covered. They literally feature all products you may need for baby gear! They are filled with adorable collections and designs. All unique from other sites.

03# Toddler: The same goes for the toddler section, the site features a separate section only for toddlers. Starting from clothing to shoes and accessories, gears. They have it all in decent deals.

04# Kids: This is a mixed section where they feature kids, from all ages and sizes. That’s a neat feature. If you’re on their site, you’ll see all sorts of accessories to clothing made for kids ranging different ages.

05# Women and Matching Outfits: Yes, they also feature cute deals for moms and women too! You also have options to choose from for family matching outfits. Whether it’s halloween or a cozy day of matching outfits in the house, they have everything you need.

06# Collaborations: They promise some unique collaborations brought to your baby and you. They’re oh so fuzzy and cute, you’ll feel like clicking them instantly!

Super adorable features, I’d say.

Is PatPat Legit?

PatPat is Legit. They provide good deals and promos pretty much all the time. They do not scam you by being fake. Many moms shop here and have become a household name.

PatPat Website & Contact Information

PatPat’s an international name. So they have separate sites for all areas of the world. The US one goes by the handle while the Asia one goes by

The contact information for PatPat is pretty straightforward too. Their customer service line is (844) 972-8728, and they have a live chat service on their sites too.

The site is designed in a cute, stylish appeal with all things baby related. The left side usually has a hover section where you select all items from.

They have the website, but the most popular part is its mobile app. It’s designed to have an easy shopping experience!

How does PatPat work?

The first thing most people wonder is how PatPat works. It’s very simple! It’s a few clicks till you discover amazing deals for your kids.

Let me walk you through it.

You download the PatPat app for your region. Then you select your products, from hundreds of amazing deals. You go to checkout and apply any codes you have. After payment, you get confirmation of your order.
Then viola! You’re done.

Receive the shipment! Unbox and rejoice in the cuteness the clothes have.

But is it really all? They’re actually very widely used by moms and soon to be parents. They offer a good deal on most items your child needs clothing and accessories wise.

The main idea of PatPat is they sell you with an authentic, retailer experience. They import it from brands, and sell it to you with 80% saving using their PatPat M2C model. Which basically explains how they work their business.

Very promising site, if you’re looking everywhere for good clothings for your son or daughter. They’re easy to buy, good to look at and amazing qualities.

PatPat Customer Satisfaction

I’ll jump straight into what customers say about PatPat. The reviews are sometimes mixed, but mostly they’re good.

Most customers rate the site a 3.8/5 roughly. This is a good estimate of how well PatPat actually is!

Amongst kids sites, they are ranked the top 2nd.

I’ll tell you why. Because the site is a one stop shop for most moms out there scouring the internet for good , reliable items. Some customers have said the stuff they bought really were a good fit and amazing for their children.

There is one downside to the PatPat. That is customers have had complaints in the past about customer services. That some of the shipping times have gone longer than promised. Some even say they ship their items from China and steal photos from places like Etsy to advertise them.

That’s a little tough! Let’s hope they evaluate their future handling of those matters. We may not know whether all that is true. After all, the site isn’t scammy but may need more united work.

PatPat Promo & Discounts

Promos! This is the best part about internet sites. The thrill to see the sales icon on any site makes our hearts happy. Am I right?

The amazing deals you get are off the chart, especially with PatPat. I usually love sales whenever they have them.

So, PatPat is known to have on-going sales and discounts. Such as upon joining the site, you get a 10% discount. They have up to 50% off on items on average, in the sales section.

And when the wallet is a bit on the thinner end, you can definitely go for clearance sales. Sites like this is a great way to find out good deals. I love to waste no extra dimes on my purchases.

New moms, or parents would too! What do you say?

PatPat Shipment and Returns Policy

This is one site that generally people have had complaints about regarding shipments.

But let’s have an unbiased look at their policies.

They offer a 30 day return policy on any item, which are unworn, unwashed and in good condition. They cannot be altered. Sale items however are not able to exchanged.

Okay, now we shall see the shipment policies. Some customers have shown disbelief here in this department. Their shipment policy is to send the items within 2 working days in the US. This isn’t bad at all! But again, there’s been scandals which say they ship from China and many customers complain they got their stuff late.

A lot to think about! But from their site, it does look like they are leveling up recently to provide good quality and prompt shipments.


Now, we all know sites like PatPat may sound a little doubtful. There’s so much online that people say! But let’s be real.

PatPat is Legit! They are not stealing or hoaxing you.

I hope your purchases for your little ones are filled with joy, as many customers have raved good reviews. Happy shopping!

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