Is Mental Kicks Legit or Scam?

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Are you a fan and lover of sneakers? I know what you might be wondering.

Is Mental Kicks legit? Can I trust them? Or are they going to end up scamming me?

Believe me, you have all the reasons to ask these. After all, spotting real websites are not an easy task. I’m here to help you, though!

Sit back and read this awesome review to know your answers. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Mental Kicks Review

Now that you’re here, you’ll get an all round opinion on Mental Kicks. You’ll get answers to those burning questions about them. Are they legit? Their shoes are fake? I’ll let you know everything. I also go into how they work, their brands they feature, pros and cons.

Also I rate them from customer reviews from all over the internet. I close it with giving you an honest opinion if you should buy from them. You wanna read the rest to find out, believe me.

What is Mental Kicks?

Mental Kicks are a sneaker retailer. They were founded in 2002. They feature top brands of sneakers and sell at a good price. Most of their shoes are hand picked and ‘hard-to-find’ stuff.

They’ve been fully online since 2008. They sell Nike, Balenciaga, and more fashion brands. They claim they sell 100% authentic products.

Are Mental Kicks Legit?

This is the million dollar question. Yes? I know.

They are legit. There isn’t much reviews that make me think they’re a scam. They claim to sell 100% authentic products. And they also give money back if you don’t feel happy with your product.

You still need to be aware of the products in the sense of fit, style. You may go through a hassle of buying the wrong shoe if you spend less time searching up the shoe.

Keep that in mind! Other than that, they’re quite real. Customers like their services too.

Mental Kicks Features

  • Sale: What’s the best part of shopping online? You almost always get sales going on. Mental Kicks has this separate section dedicated to bringing you good sales prices.
  • New arrival: The newest and freshest pairs are here for you. You’ll find the rarest finds here. All brand new for you to see and select. That’s super cool!
  • All brands: So, they hold a wide range of brands. Starting from Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Balenciaga. Saucony, Asics! So many good names in the market. You’ll find pretty much all good sneaker brands right here with one scroll. Be sure to select your pick from the filter option.
  • Used shoe: They have this great option of buying worn in shoes. They offer a very low and deducted price for them! And the images show you how worn they are so you’re sure what you’re buying. It’s a great way to recycle too! If you ask me.
  • Kaws: They have Kaws original items here too. Including their Chum 13 Figure clear color, companion open editions. They are all collectors pieces! And you’re getting hands on some very unique Kaws stuff!
  • The Vault: The Vault also features different sneakers. Including rarest finds. However some of these are out of stock, sadly. Hope they restock soon!
  • Pre Order: They have a pre-order option so you can order it well in advance. No complaints here.

Mental Kicks Website & Contact Information

We all love a good sneaker website. The edgy and sporty shoes are simply a sight to look at. Mental Kicks foes a good job at giving you that too!

The website goes by their handle Pretty straight forward. And navigation isn’t too hard either. It’s fast, and effective. But maybe a little dull.

The branding colors are simply black and white. That makes the shoes’ colors pop. Good call! The images are also good quality ones. The left hand side has the hover bar. You select everything from there!

If you face any issue, their email is They’ll be sure to answer your inquiries about your orders.

How Does Mental Kicks Work?

The way around the site isn’t too hard. It’s quite basic. You have to follow some basic ideas of shopping. They keep it nice and simple to follow.

But I still have made this list for you. You’ll be ready to buy a shoe in no time. The way they work is this way;

  • You select products from their list of brands.
  • You see sizing charts.
  • Select the right fit for you.
  • Pay with Paypal, credit card.
  • They send an email confirmation.
  • You get it shipped to you!

Done, that’s kind of how all retailers work to be honest. There isn’t much to it.

They bring you original, authentic shoes and sell you in good price ranges. You cop them, and actually get to save on a lot of dimes.

Pretty neat!

Mental Kicks Pros and Cons


  • They offer really good prices.
  • They have International shipping.
  • Discounts are up to 50% on most items.
  • Always a sales section open.
  • 14 days returns policy with refund.
  • Secured payment gateway.


  • $40 charge on delivery inside US per pair of shoe.
  • $50 charge on delivery Internationally per pair of shoe.
  • Mediocre features on the website.
  • Shoes might stay out of stock for a long time.


Why did I just tell you this? So that you can make a decision for yourself. The site is a reliable one, with many benefits. But you can have a good room for doubt too. The site isn’t always all too exciting. It can look a little bland, given other sites do so much with their web page.

After all, the cons aren’t as many. But some of the biggest ‘oops’ moments are the delivery charges. Especially with domestic orders too. It’s a bummer that you have to pay so much! That too per shoe.

Perhaps they change up their policies in the future. Let’s hope they do!

Mental Kicks Customer Satisfaction

After watching Youtube reviews, the answer seems like it’s a bit mixed. Customers have liked their services, but some say the products aren’t that trustworthy.

But there also are some who really do love them. Thing is, they seem like they have a lot of competition. Which is why customers may to for them instead.

You also can return or exchange products if you wish to. Always contact their customer service before doing so!

Over all, their shoes are authentic and minor issues aside, customers never have too many bad things to say.

Mental Kicks Competition

Mental Kicks has fierce competition. Because places like them have some big competitors. Kixify is one of them. They specialise in similar styles of business.

Kixify is well know and loved by customers worldwide.

  • Kickz

Kickz is a retailer that everyone knows and loves! They provide the authentic measures to make sure the products are best.

Mental Kicks has some stepping up to do. Also because they are still a pretty lowkey site. Not very well marketed, in other words.


Finally. We have just gone through Mental Kickz.

Should you buy from them?

I mean, you can! They do provide some good deals and prices. If you can save on some money and get the real products, go for it!

They’re a trusted source. Have a blast donning your next pair of sneakers. Which one will you choose?

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