Is ShoeDazzle Legit or Scam?

Hi there, thanks for coming to my review on ShoeDazzle. I can tell you’re an online shopper. And you may be eyeing ShoeDazzle to know what they’re like.

Since you are here, you want to know whether the site ShoeDazzle is real or not. I get it.

I’m here to answer all your questions. Wondering if ShoeDazzle legit is a good thought to have.

I’m here to answer that. You’ll be surprised! Keep reading to know exactly that, I got you covered.

ShoeDazzle Review

Here in this review you will find a host of interesting facts about Shoedazzle. I am beyond excited to walk you down some of the most fascinating features!

The way it works, the system that makes the choices for you, what kind of products you will find. Also its returns and shipping policies, all are covered here. Whether they are legit or not is what you will learn.

I’m sure you will be clear on the way Shoedazzle treats its customers too.

What is ShoeDazzle?

Shoedazzle is a futuristic online platform you can buy shoes, accessories and clothings from. They sell those products from all sorts of brands. They also cover different varieties of products to suit any women’s needs.

And, they specialise in a membership style approach they can craft choices for you, or you also choose to get stuff from their collection. You pay a fee per month, they select for you, you get what you want and leave the rest behind.

Simple! Told you they’re quite innovative in what they do.

ShoeDazzle Features

01# Sandals shop: The site features a lot of sandals. Starting from heeled, flat, platform, gladiator, wedges, mules! They also have slides. The most amazing pairs of sandals are what ShoeDazzle is known for.

I’d say, if you love to sport your feet in some exciting sandals in the hot summer weather, you can check out their deals. They’re very cute and stylish!

02#Summer shop: They have a separate section for summer shopping. The things they have in them range from items. The summer shop has clothing, shoes to all sorts of accessories mainly for the hot, humid weather.

Jumpsuits to amazing toe opened sandals you can rock your fresh manicure in- they have all. I think this is worth looking at as their deals are also pretty awesome in the summer shop.

03# Shoes: ShoeDazzle might not just only be a shoe shop, but the shoes they do have are simply out of the ordinary. The range of styles all are ones you’d love. Such as sneakers, sandals, flats, booties, boots, heels! So much more.

They also have filters to the kind of shoes you want. If you want wedges, they’ll only show you wedges! Pretty neat if you ask me.

04# Clothing: Yes, they do hold a great collection of clothing. Starting from summer picks to clothing you can wear all year round, they feature some really nice clothes. Denims, skirts, tops, dresses, casual dresses, formal ones! The list just keeps going on.

They also have active and sports wear. That is convenient if you fancy yoga pants and a beautiful dress together. Also they offer plus sizes, a whole section dedicated to them. That’s very impressive in today’s time!

05# Accessory: Starting from striking jewelry to hand picked watches, they have it all. If you fancy a good pair of sunglasses, have a look at their selection of eyewear.

Belts, bags, scarves, wraps, hats! Do I need to say more? It’s like when you find everything all at once. I think visiting their site is really a treat to the eyes as well if you love some good accessories.

06# Collaborations: The brilliant collaborations ShoeDazzle has are with two amazing personalities. Erika Jayne and Aliya Jannel. Both are celebrities and public figures who curated their favourite looks with ShoeDazzle.

It’s worth eyeing- especially if you love transparent heels and thigh high boots. They have some decadent pairs waiting for you to check out. I especially love the cheetah print boots Erika Jayne is wearing on the site campaign!

07# Boutiques: Shoedazzle does have boutiques they feature. You can buy from places like The Sweet Escape, Backyard Break. They’re hand picked and perfect for one of a kind pieces.

08# Trends: Different kinds of trends are covered, so you have options to choose from whenever you want to buy something. Whether it is Puffed sleeves, From the ‘Gram, Ankle details, all are specific trends ShoeDazzle features on their site. Really rad, if you ask me.

Is Shoedazzle legit?

In one word- Yes. Shoedazzle is a unique way of selling shoes to customers. Shoedazzle is legit! Yay!

They don’t scam you with their products. Rather they give you some really good deals and options to choose from, along with a personal catered style.

ShoeDazzle Website & Contact Information

Let’s now see the website. Their handle goes by where you visit to buy their products. The site is a polished, chicky pink detailed one.

Left side has a hover section with all its features. And the image qualities will genuinely blow your mind. They’re crisp, easy to see, and fast to notice when you like something.

For customer care, you can call 888-508-1888 or do a Live Chat from their website. And if you wish to follow them on socials, you’ll find them pretty much on all social media platforms.

How does ShoeDazzle work?

Shoedazzle is not very complicated. In fact, getting around the site is a piece of cake.

Let me walk you through it. First, you take their style quiz. They create unique picks for you, and then you can shop from hundreds of choices! They craft some of the closest bets you might like. You can the. Pick from them without surfing for other stuff.

Amazing, am I right?

You can either pick from their collections as a basic customer, or be a VIP member with a subscription fee every month. That will allow you to get premium crafted choices only for you with your own personal stylist! You also get to save a bunch and get excited hampers being a VIP customer at checkout.

With the VIP membership, they send you stuff every month. If you’re wondering if you can skip a month, you totally can. You can cancel it anytime, and resume whenever you want.

I have never seen such perks! I absolutely love the way online shopping has made things so easy for us women. Aren’t you? Before answering that, let me walk you through what Shoedazzle features.

Shoedazzle Pricing

The VIP membership costs $39.99 per month. And this makes up for 25% off of retail prices as a whole if you continue their membership monthly.

Or, you can buy as a basic customer and come back to buy whenever you like.

Honestly, the pricing is very reasonable. A few reasons are there for which I say so.

  • It is hand picked for you. So a stylist chooses all the stuff being brought to you. You waste no time surfing through things and not liking them.
  • It is convenient. If you’re always busy and cannot go shopping, Shoedazzle IS a good bet. They sort your style, and help you get the kind of goodies suited for you.
  • You can cancel whenever. So, a month you maybe travelling for which you don’t want to be subscribed. No problem! You just have to be sure to cancel a month. They are open towards this approach.

The customers who buy off of ShoeDazzle do not complain about pricing all that much. At the end of the day, you’re getting some killer products with minimal efforts. No rushing to stores, no scrambling for deals. The best of the best are brought to you according to your taste.

ShoeDazzle Shipping and Returns Policy

I’ll jump straight into their shipping policy. They take about 2-3 business days to ship.

Express delivery can cost upto $24 to deliver in 1-2 working days. With the items, they have a returns policy too. With good conditions and the unworn state of the products, you can exchange them. They will refund you within 7-14 days of having requested a return.

ShoeDazzle Promos

Shoedazzle is one site which thrives off of promos.

Firstly, if you’re a member, most items you’re going to get your hands on will be a lot lower than other places. They have about 25% off retailing prices.

Secondly, upon new joining you can get $10 off. And external coupons are always there to find with sites like this. And the sales sections will usually have clearances which you can spot some gems from. I’d say, sites like these usually make sure you have bucks off.

That’s kind of the most amazing thing about ShoeDazzle.

ShoeDazzle Customer Satisfaction

ShoeDazzle in all honesty sounds like a big deal to people who like to buy without memberships. Because they feel free to buy whenever and however.

With their membership, there is a good and bad side to it. Good is you get many great products with good prices using your monthly fee. But the bad side is, there’s a commitment of paying per month. And if you forget to cancel or skip a month, they might just charge your credit card.

I’d say, look out for this and make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Of course, you can cancel whenever you want or get help from customer care.

Don’t worry about that!

ShoeDazzle Competitors

Shoedazzle might woo you. But they have some good competitions. This membership style approach isn’t too new.

Using the membership style approach of getting customers, Anthropologie also sports some amazing deals and actually similar prices. They are well known for their unique, super selective clothing. Most customers rate them 4.8/5.

This is why they are a big competition for Shoedazzle.

LOFT is also known for their super great deals. They’re extremely popular for women’s clothing and accessories. They have running promo codes for all year round- which Shoedazzle has to be fighting to keep up with! And customers rate LOFT a 4.9/5.

A big run for the money, Shoedazzle watch out!


I have just broken down everything you need to know about Shoedazzle. They’re chic, amazing to buy from, and you don’t have to worry about picking bad stuff!

I’d highly say the site is wonderful. You might be reading this to get a membership. If so, what are you waiting for?

Let me know what products are getting picked for you! Happy dazzling.

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