Is Dermstore Legit or Scam?

Hi, fellow friend! Today is a wonderful day to read about this buzzing website called Dermstore.

Have you heard about it yet? Then you know it is a popular name in the beauty community.

If you’re into skin care and beauty, and simply want a good website to trust- let me be the shining armour. I’ll break Dermstore down, each nook and cranny of the site is here for you to read.

Hold on tight as I unravel what its deal is!

Dermstore Review

What is Dermstore?

You must be wondering what the website really is like. Let us bring our focus into one thing first- we live in a society invested in skin care and beauty.

Dermstore is a website where you can get products of skin and beauty. They are very aware of our rising needs.

So, it brings to you a range of skin care and beauty products from brands you may already love. It was founded in 1999, and US chain-store Target is its parent company.

That’s pretty neat if you ask me!

Dermstore Features

Now, you may be thinking what Dermstore actually features. I know I have told you what the store is, and whether it is legit or not.

It’s time to evaluate one by one, its features and other nitty gritties. Get yourself some snacks or munchies, this is a long list.

01# Brands: Oh yes. Dermstore is not here to kid around. They sport some of the best selling brands out there. They’re reliable and most of the times famous influencers on social media use these brands too. Some examples are ARCONA, Baby Foot, GlamGlow, PCA Skin and so much more.

It’s literally alphabetically organised and the page keeps scrolling with so many names. If you have a desired brand, they are pretty sure to hold it.

02# Skin care: They hold a host of skin care products. Starting from cleansers and exfoliators, treatments and serum, eye care, face sun care, lip care- they have it all. It’s easy and convenient to browse through which kind of skin care you want.

The best of the best are here for you to choose from. They even have skin type selections, so you know which item is suitable to which skin.

03# Makeup: All makeup gurus use this site. Believe me, their makeup section is awesome to look at. They have foundation, eye makeup, lip makeup, face makeup and concealers. Mascaras, kits and sets, and so much more! It’s a makeup galore right there.

All women would hurdle over on this section to catch the best releases and deals. I know this is a pretty amazing feature on their site- the amount of choice in makeup selections.

04# Hair care: They also hold a number of hair care lines and products. Starting from shampoos, to dry shampoos to hair styling products.

You will find whatever your hair desires here. Whether it’s curly, straight, bouncy or frizzy- just head on this section to know what your hand might need. I know I got some pretty nice stuff from here.

05# Bath & Body: Their luscious and fragrant bath and body products are also noteworthy. Starting from shower items, to baby and mom- they sport pretty much all you need in washing yourself. They also hold oral care products! Wow! Perfumes, suncare and more are available from different brands to fulfill your needs.

06# Men: Yes, this site also stars men’s products. Shaving and grooming, moisturisers, hair products, body care for men. All such are the range of items available for men on Dermstore.

This is perfect as a place to gift a man in your life. Most products are found in deals, so an awesome present is something you can get from here.

07# Rewards and Sale: Oh boy. The first thing I notice are the wild sales. If you range of products which have sale on it and the reward points you get are all explained here.

I’d head over here to know all the deal offers, so I can save my bucks! They also have gift cards worth hundreds of dollars.

08# Ask an Esthetician: This brilliant feature is just what we need. A beauty expert (or an esthetician) is there to help you out if you need any information. They have a question submission box where you can leave a word for them, and they’ll get back to you.

Anything concerning your skin or beauty, you can shoot here! I know I’ve made use of this feature quite a few times during my skin breakout seasons.

Is Dermstore legit?

Looking for a trusty, reliable one stop shop to get your favourite skin or beauty products?

I’ll be clear with you. Dermstore is legit! Yes, they bring you 100% original products.

It comes with receipts, details from manufacturers; all that jazz. You really have nothing to worry about in terms of authenticity.

I ordered many times, and my favourite skin care products arrived in good condition with proper seals. Mark my words- they’re not playing!

Dermstore website & contact information

Their website handle is Here, the left corner has a hover screen where all their products are there. You click which kind you want, and its subcategories drop upon your click.

Pretty cool stuff!

Their contact information is laid out too. You can find all the information on their customer service section below.

But for your convenience, here is their number! 1-800-213-DERM (3376). Call them and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Also, they have instagram, Twitter , Pinterest, Youtube and Facebook pages. They keep up with the latest posts pretty regularly. I think they’re worth visiting if you want to clear up on their work!

How does Dermstore work?

We have the features out of the way. So let’s explore the way it works, shall we?

Upon visiting the site, you see a whole bunch of things. If you know which product you’re looking for, you simply type that in the search bar.

If you want to scroll through the products all together, you can do so too! Select the selections, pick your products, add them to the cart. Apply coupon codes if you have them (more on this in a bit), and you’re set!

Get it shipped right to you anywhere in the US. And the awesomeness is in your bundles! I love how easy and fast their website is. And the fact that you can trust their products makes it even better.

Dermstore Promo/Discounts

I’m excited to let you know, Dermstore has so many discounts for you! You don’t need to spend extra money on your skin or beauty products anymore.

They have a 15% discount on new subscribers. So, once you visit their site, scroll down. You’ll see a bar where you can input your email address. Sign up for their newsletter and you get that 15% off!

Amazing offer for sure. And not to mention, they always have a Sales section you can buy cheap things off of. And season based sales are also there. You can explore more promo codes using external sites.

I say, definitely visit for their promo codes using this site.

They have plenty of good codes and sizzling deals you can use to get your coins back. I’d not skip on this one surely!

Dermstore Returns Policy

Dermstore is also really good at their returns policy. They have a 30 day timeline for customers to send in their products and get refunds.

But in light of new times, they’ve extended that to 60 days. So, within 0-30 days if you want to return anything, they give you a refund or store credits.

If you take 30-60 days, then they give you just store credits. That is justified, as you can use those credits to get more stuff for yourself in future.

Not just that! You don’t worry about sending the products back yourself. A free, prepaid returns shipping will be done.

I’m sold on this site, can you tell already?

Dermstore Shipment Policy

Here is where it gets a little tricky. The shipment time is pretty fair, but they only do select shipping. Folks around the world, sad news.

They only ship within the US! Urgh. But let’s look at their shipment policy.

Shipping Costs and Methods:

  • Standard: free shipping takes 5-8 business days or less
  • $6.95 charge on special offer: They take 2 business days to deliver.
  • Overnight offer: They take $29.95, to delivery within 1 business day.

They have some US excluded territories like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. They only do their standard shipping which is free but takes up to 14 business days.

Dermstore Competitors

Being in the beauty business comes with heavy competitions. Dermstore has some hefty ones.

  • Sephora

Alright, Sephora has been a household name in the beauty scene. They have stores all across the world. And they ship internationally too. Dermstore has select products, but Sephora holds a larger, more international collection.

  • SkinStore

SkinStore is almost like Dermstore, not going to lie. They hold a pretty similar vibe upon visiting the website. They have 100s of premium stores they sell from. So, it will be a tough pick between these two retailing stores.

Dermstore Customer satisfaction

Customers have reviewed this site fairly high. You can say, it’s at least up there as 3.5/5 stars on average.


An issue with Dermstore is, they frequently swap out their product brands. So if you use an item on your skin regularly, I’d say don’t rely on Dermstore religiously. They may suddenly discontinue a line.

Then you’re in cold waters if you have grown dependency on them! Mix and change up where you get your things from, time to time.

That’s the only complaint from some of the customers.


You have thought it- and I have reviewed it! It is true, Dermstore is legit.

They are a blessing to the beauty community by making everything online and swift. No rushing to stores anymore!

Those days are over. Get your favourite products using Dermstore if you want to pamper your skin! I know they’re not a hoax.

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