Is Teleflora Legit or Scam?

Another day, another review of a floral business. Teleflora is what I’m talking about – an online retailer for flowers for every occasion.

But with so many such websites on the internet, it’s hard to navigate. Between the real authentic ones and the scams. Is it the same case with Teleflora?

Is Teleflora legit? Don’t go anywhere ‘coz you are about to find what’s the deal with this particular website.

Teleflora Review

Teleflora has been running for 81 years and is based in Los Angeles, California. They have 9000+ local florists all over the USA and Canada through which they sell floral arrangements.

They use modern technology in serving people all over the countries. Which means you have the very best and freshest flower bouquets for any occasion.

Teleflora is known for their innovative creations of flowers as well as other gift items. Such as flowers for a Quinceañera or a fruit basket for a sick friend.

Is Teleflora Legit?

If this is the answer you have been waiting to receive, your wait is over my friends.

Teleflora is legit and very well known among the gift giving industry. They have been mentioned in the press like Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post and Pop Sugar. For special occasions or even for everyday, they will have a bouquet which will make your day.

If you want to read more about Teleflora, keep on scrolling!

Teleflora Product List

Teleflora is obviously known for their gorgeous floral and plant arrangements. From long stemmed white roses to a cute little succulent in an earthen pot.

Flowers come in many sizes and shapes. Like pothos for a plant lover or sunny sunflowers for your granny. They have some unique arrangements such as blooms in a vintage Ford vase or a Zen garden.

You can even opt for customization by substituting adding or substituting certain flowers. Be it for a birthday or a get well soon arrangement, they have it all.

They also carry some cute baskets of fruits and food such as baked cookies and gourmet chocolates. You can even add a balloon or a stuffed toy to be added with your gift. Any man or woman will be glad to receive one of these.

Teleflora Product Pricing

You can always order flowers and gifts here at Teleflora with different budgets. If you opt for fresh locally sourced flowers, they cost around $45 on average.

They are always artfully arranged in a beautiful vase or pot. Depending on the items you choose or customization, prices can jump up to $300.

Plants like orchids in a ceramic pot or a Terrarium, prices will range between $60 to over $100. Gift baskets typically fall under the more expensive category ranging from $50 to $132.

Teleflora Delivery Policy

Teleflora’s shipping is simple and efficient. You would be glad to know that they deliver all the USA and even Canada.

Each delivery is done by a professional handler so that you get your goods in one piece. You can have them delivered on the same day or the very latest, the next day.

Teleflora not just delivers to your doorstep, but they can also deliver to hospitals and funeral homes. Do note though, there might be some sales tax depending on the state or location.

If you are really interested in international deliveries, you can contact their customer service. Someone will get in touch with you and try their best to arrange something to your liking.

Teleflora Refund Policy

If you didn’t end up enjoying your gift or bouquet then they want to hear about it. Contact their customer service within 7 days to get a full refund.

Refund processing takes around 2-10 business days. Within that time period you can either choose to get exchanges or get a refund in payment.

Teleflora Customer Satisfaction

People have conflicted opinions about Teleflora. As they should since every person is different and has individual expectations.

Trust Pilot has managed to review around 10K people and has been rated an average score of 3.2. Some people have been happy with the gifts. While some were disappointed on how the flowers wilted and looked different in real life.

Shoppers Approved on the other side has reviewers giving them a very high score of 4.6. People complimented the arrangements and how effortless ordering from the website was. More than 70% have mentioned that they will recommend this website.

Teleflora Alternatives

What are some similar options like Teleflora? Just for you, here are two more.

1-800-Flowers: Just like Teleflora, 1-800-Flowers is also known for their gorgeous floral arrangements and gift baskets. You can even have them delivered on the same day and make any occasion more joyous.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD): FTD is one of the oldest running online florist shops in the world. They have gained a reputation for their beautiful flower collection and gift items, so check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Is it possible for Teleflora to deliver at a specific time?

Ans: If you leave a note for a specific delivery time, Teleflora would do their best. It might not be possible every time but they will make it a priority.

Q2# Can I choose a particular florist at Teleflora?

Ans: Yes you absolutely can! Teleflora will provide a list of florists in your area for you to choose from. If you want to avoid a certain florist, they will note that down too.

Q3# What kind of chocolates are given in the chocolate boxes at Teleflora?

Ans: Teleflora always uses gourmet or truffles from local chocolatiers in the country. So that you can get the freshest and the best quality chocolates.


Teleflora has some amazing arrangements of flowers and plants. Things which any person would love to find at their doorstep.

It also doesn’t hurt to know the answer to the question of ‘Is Teleflora legit?’, yes it is! If you want to send some fresh flowers in elegant wrappings or even a vase, check out Teleflora.

However, I would caution against blindly trusting any site. Be sure to check out other people’s reviews to find out if it’s worth it.

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