Is Watchmaxx Legit or Scam?

Are you a watch lover? And find it hard to find good and trustworthy sites to buy them?

Luxury watches are a different feeling. And getting hands on a good retailer to buy them from can feel relieving.

But that is why I’m here! To review a leading luxury online retailer, Watchmaxx.

I’ll tell you if they’re legit, so you don’t need to worry about anything more. Watches should be a delicacy to your attire. And this review will help you get your next dashing pairs.

Watchmaxx Review

Find out the features of Watchmaxx. Here you will find all the details to Watchmaxx, and more! I’ll tell you what they are and how they work. The way you can order watches and get it shipped. And also dabble on the features the website has, what brands they feature.

I close this review off with more stuff like cool discounts, customer satisfaction, and conclude saying whether you should buy from them or not. Read to know answers to the burning questions about Watchmaxx.

What is Watchmaxx?

WatchMaxx is a retailing website and sells luxury watches and a range of designers products. They feature watches for men, women both. They are among the leading online retailers of luxury watches currently in the market. Watchmaxx were founded in the year 2004.

They aim at providing the best brands and provide exceptional value to our customers. They are specialized in selling luxury watches for over 20 years.

Is Watchmaxx Legit?

Now you’re asking yourself. ‘Is Watchmaxx then legit?’ It can be daunting to pay a lump sum for a luxury watch. I get it! And also buying it from a retailing site.

Drumrolls, please. Let me tell you the truth.

They are legit! There isn’t any evidence that they scam you. And they’ve been doing this for 20 years too. C’mon, they know their work! Neither do customers complain they have been scammed.

So.. can you trust them? Absolutely. They show you everything there is to their products and manufacturing. Holding warranties as well. That says a lot that they are legit and not playing you.

Watchmaxx Features

  • Brands: Oh boy. The brands they feature are so many household designer names! Alphabetically ordered, you’ll get all brands starting from Gucci, Michael Kors, Rolex, Versace. And so many, many more. Anything else I need to say?
  • Watches: Watchmaxx holds all sorts of brands of watches. The sort of watches are sporty, stylish, and more. It’ll make you shine out of the crowd wherever you go.
  • Men: The choices they have for men are extravagant. Different styles of watches are there for men, and also other products like accessories, fragrance and sunglasses.
  • Women: Women’s collections are also a sight for the sore eye. It’s decadent, luxurious and fashionable with every kind of attire for ladies.
  • Sunglasses: The sunnies you get here are designer, durable and amazing pairs. They’ll make sure to dash you everytime you pull them out. They’re cool for the summer!
  • Fragrance: While you’re shopping for watches and sunnies, get a pair of designer fragrance! They have men’s, women’s and also unisex options. Use the filter option to get the right, blissful fragrance for you!
  • Parts: They also sell parts of watches. Belts, links, bands. All are such parts you’ll get here. This is an amazing thing to have because then you have a one stop shop for everything. How convenient’
  • Trade-in: Yes you’re reading right. You can trade your old watch! You give an estimated amount of money its worth, they inspect, then you get the cheque or credit on the site. I’m so down for this! I’m sure to apply for a trade-in on my old pair of Michael Kors which are in great condition.
  • Pre-owned: You can also get budget watches which were pre owned. They arrive in usable condition. With minimal to no wear or tear. That’s a great way to recycle!
  • Special savings: You get fine deals and save big checks here. Enough said!

Watchmaxx Website & Contact Information

The Watchmaxx website features all their products in a finessed, luxurious way. The website sports a cool, yet edgy kind of vibe.

The features are all there to select from. Image quality is also crisp and sharp with details from the manufacturer. The images are very smooth to the eyes and you can see details as you zoom in.

The upper corners have their helpline, which is a Live Chat or call (877) 928-2469. There isn’t anything to complain about website wise!

How Does Watchmaxx Work?

The way Watchmaxx works isn’t hard. They work in a simple, straight cut way.

I’ll let you know in a second how they work. You’ll see why they’re actually known for their work.

  1. Find your luxury watches or products from plenty of brands.
  2. Select and put aside to the wishlist or cart.
  3. Apply coupon if applicable.
  4. Pay and receive an order confirmation.
  5. Wait for the order to arrive!

Watchmaxx Promo Code

Who doesn’t love some discounts? Watchmaxx is specially known for theirs!

They have amazing deals and discount codes for you.

There are plenty of great discount codes just for those purchases you want to save up on! For example, You get a flat $35 off of Omega Watches using code WMMD20. And you can get similar ones with just one click on their website.

That’s some amazing stuff right there. For more, you can visit here. Save some of that money, honey!

Watchmaxx Delivery and Return policy

Let’s discuss shipping.

They ship in the US with standard 1-5 days, with free of cost. For other countries, they do charge. International orders are charged $30 per order. With 2-4 days ETA minus customs.

Seems like they do charge quite a bit for internationals. But hey, you pay for the experience of luxury! And you don’t always splurge all the time on expensive watches.

So, you can safely feel okay to pay for a good designer item when you do. Also they’re handled in good delivery condition.

Watchmaxx Competitors

Even though we’re only raving the good stuff, what if Watchmaxx is actually up for good competition? I mean, watches have been around for ever. And there are retailers out there who sell just like Watchmaxx.

What’s the pros and cons? Who does it best? I’ll share with you two such companies who may do it better.

  • Wood Watch

Wood watch has a rating of 4.6/5 on While Watchmaxx has 4.4. That says there are better alternatives.

And customers know best! The pros of Wood Watch may be more than its cons.

  • Savvy watch

Same goes for Savvy watch. They have a higher rating of 4.5. So, they are also coming in with some heating competition.

Customers love their women’s collections. But, Watchmaxx does offer a terrific discount code option. They always have on going offers.

So, maybe Watchmaxx is actually a better deal.


You searched for it, and I presented! The best review of Watchmaxx is right here.

I made this so your purchases are made without any doubt. And that you can enjoy your designer pair of watches or other items.

Watchmaxx is legit in their 20+ years of work.

Head over to their site to see for yourself. After all, what’s more to life than a little bit of luxury?

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