Is Scholly Legit or Scam?

If you’re here because you’re scholarship hunting, you’re in the right place.

I have the key to your curious, smart mind. I may know the questions you’re asking regarding Scholly.

Is it legit? Are they true or scam?

As a student, you can ask these questions. After all, scholarship hunting is no joke. Time, commitment, drive- a lot is needed to get the right scholarship for you.

I have some news for you though! This honest review of Scholly will help you make up your mind. Stick around till you hear the shocking answers!

Scholly Review

You will find a good review of Scholly, talking about their whole deal. What’s it like working with them? Can you trust them? Do they have good scholarships? And how to go about their website as well. I discuss all of these.

Some success stories are also what I show you. So you can judge for yourself if you want to use their services or sign up. Hang on tight for the review that could change your student life!

What is Scholly?

Scholly is a platform for students to find scholarships. They are a student access platform. They cost a membership fee, yearly. Mainly for students who are in High School, undergraduates, and graduates. It was founded in 2013.

Over $100 million have been awarded to students with nearly 1 million users.

With their resources, students can search numbers of scholarships and funding. They have a personalized scholarship search app.

Is Scholly legit?

This one is a very controversial one.

Is it legit? Yes.

But, not 100% legit because you’re still paying for a scholarship. A little counter intuitive.

Yes because they don’t scam you. But no, because the fact that you pay your membership for a year, is unnecessary. I say if you can’t spend extra dime, don’t get a membership for a year.

Note: However, there have been success stories which Scholly is very proud to tell you. Over $1 million have been awarded. If you wish to invest in the fee, feel free! You may just bag a good scholarship. But read this review to get a good understanding of what you get in the app.

Scholly Features

Let’s talk a bit about features. I already told you they have an app. The app personalizes your matches. Wondering what’s in store at Scholly? After all, they’re not free. So I’ll show you what they offer for students.

They have on Scholly,

  • Search: This is simple. Every scholarship website needs a search engine. And this is where you find exactly the right scholarships, the schools or deadlines.
  • Editor: They have an inbuilt editor for your essays. They do the heavy lifting for you. So, when you write your essays for scholarship, Scholly guides and edits you. That’s neat’
  • Exclusive: Here you find the exclusive features of their website, such as any news on loans, fresh scholarships etc. anything worth knowing, you’ll get a heads up on this section.
  • Give Scholly: You can also donate to Scholly! You can give to individuals and also organizations. In this way, students get to study and you help them secure more scholarships. The more, the merrier! It’s great that others can donate to help build Scholly students’ dreams.
  • Testimonials: The testimonials are videos of students who used Scholly and are happy customers. They share their stories and their triumphs. This is great if you’re considering jumping on their app.
  • Sign up and login: And finally, the sign up and login button is there to help you kickstart your scholarship search! It’s fairly easy, fast and quick to go through.

Scholly Website & Contact Information

The website handle goes by They sport their branding colors of red and white. Evidently, they’re showing they’re the champions.

Usually red and white signify that! And Scholly does try to live by its goal of being a great scholarship platform.

The right hand side had a hover bar where you can find all your necessary navigation. And if you face any issue or trouble, you can always shoot

Or visit their contacts page to find more on your specific questions. They do a good job giving you answers.

How does Scholly work?

Let us get a clearer picture as to how Scholly works. I broke down the exact way you can be a member. And find a scholarship match.

  • You sign up on their page.
  • You fill in with necessary details.
  • You fill your qualifications.
  • You pay a fee. (Pricing is mentioned in later section of this review)
  • They match you to over 20000 scholarship choices.
  • Sort through essays, see deadlines.
  • And apply for the matches, hope for the best!

Ta-da! This is not too hard. The fact that they have an app is what makes it easier. So, getting around them is not a biggie.

Scholly Qualification & Membership

So, who is qualified for Scholly?

Mostly high schoolers, undergraduate and graduate students. They also welcome International students to jump on board.

Membership fee is $44.99/ year! And $4.99/ month. It’s a given, not everyone wants to pay that.

But, if you take into account the millions of dollars students got by Scholly- maybe it’s worth it? You never know if you find the right scholarship!

However, if you’re on loan or debt already- don’t fret it. There are other platforms to get scholarships for free.

Scholly Success Stories and Review

Who doesn’t love to hear the success stories? The ones who matched scholarships actually have the right advice.

Want to hear them? Head here to read the testimonials, and read the reviews students left. Some of them are Joseph F. from Mandeville, LA who received $10,000 on Scholly. Also, Bobby R from Miami who won the same amount for his college experience.

And Jain A. Post Falls from ID who won a scholarship and now is an epidemiologist. So, Scholly helps secure a good future too.

How amazing is that? I mean, pay for their services or not, Scholly doesn’t seem all that bad. Customers rate it 3.8/5 stars. With over 7000 reviews over the internet.

Which is a decent rating despite the controversies.

So. Maybe the success stories are good enough reasons to use their app. After all, millions of dollars have been given away as scholarships already.

Scholly Competitors

NSCS is a good and well known scholarships website. They’ve been doing this for a while. Students also love their services and take pride in being their scholar.

Scholly has some competition! Students could potentially pay for NSCS for its prestige factor.

QuestBridge is known for its amazingness. They have a lot of happy and successful stories in their bag. They also have been doing their services for a while and get big acclaims.

Watch out, Scholly. Students may choose QuestBridge for their good deals.


There you have it! A complete review of Scholly.

We know scholarships are tough. Finding them is also very hard. But if Scholly is helping you secure them, it may be worth the try.

The decision is up to you- but I hope my words are here to help you make that call. Your scholarships experience should be a wonderful and simple one.

Good luck, future scholar!

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