Is MAGFAST Legit or Scam? (MAGFAST Reviews & Alternatives)

What is one thing we all wish our phones could have? A charging system which doesn’t require too many cables and can charge within minutes.

To solve this very gap in the market, a company is here to serve us all. Yup, if you are still wondering what I’m blabbering about, it is MAGFAST. I’m sure some of you have heard about it.

But every now and then, the question ‘Is MagFast legit?’ pops up on the internet. To solve this mystery, I will be taking the liberty of writing this review.


MAGFAST was the world’s one of its kind with their family of wireless chargers. The company was founded in 2017 in New York by owners Amy Segnit and Seymour Segnit.

It’s one of a kind because the chargers are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. They use a Qi wireless charging system with the help of magnets.

MAGFAST is not just a charger selling company. Their values include sustainability as well which they fulfill by planting one tree for each product sold.


Whenever there is a new company in town, there would be someone alleging it’s a scam. To dismiss all these notions, I have compiled the perfect answer to this question.

MAGFAST is legit and the positive reviews surrounding them prove them as authentic. Most people like what MAGFAST is bringing to the tech world. They work with experts in bringing you the best quality chargers, all without fussy wires and cables.

Now you have it! The most honest review there is of MAGFAST.

MAGFAST Products

MAGFAST currently only carries six products and they call it a family of premium chargers with half-dozen members. To start with they have three kinds of power banks, one for the road, one for home. And the last for extreme charging.

Then, those looking to charge their desktops can choose their portable charger designed for desktops. If you work from home mostly, you also can opt for their home charging hub for most devices.

Finally, for watch charging, you can make use of their ‘The Time has come’ charger. They claim that each charger is premium built and compatible with most devices.

MAGFAST Product Pricing

There are only six items currently being sold on the website. Therefore, let me give you guys a quick rundown on the prices.

So, prices of two of their power banks are being sold at $99 each. And the extreme power bank at $249. For their watch charging system, it will cost you a whopping $169.

If you want to buy one of their desktop chargers, the price will be $99 excluding shipping. The least expensive thing on their list is the home charger at a mere $30.

MAGFAST Shipping Policy

MAGFAST depends on pre-orders so you have to give them a bit of time to manufacture and ship. Fortunately, they cater to both local and international residents around the world.

For shipping inside the USA, you need to pay a fee of $13 for any product. For Canada it’s $18 and for the other countries it will cost you $23.

At the moment there is a great shortage of supply chain, so be prepared to wait for months. Be aware though, by law they can charge you custom fees depending on locations.

MAGFAST Refund Policy

So, since MAGFAST is a crowdfunding resourced business concept, there is no room for refunds. Once you pledge funds to them for products, you will only get 72 hours to reconsider.

However, due to the worldwide shortage of supplies, a little birdie told me MAGFAST is giving out refunds. So, if you have been waiting for more than a year you can demand your money back.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong product, you can email them to exchange. Since it’s pre-order it usually isn’t a problem for them to exchange products.

MAGFAST Customer Satisfaction

MAGFAST asks users to give them the most authentic reviews. The goods they always appreciate and the bad ones help them to improve.

TrustPilot has around more than 4000 reviews and overall rated the company as 4.7/5 which is amazing. Most people trust them with their funds and look forward to seeing more products from MAGFAST. They also love the sleek designs and the lack of tangled wires and cords.

Product Hunt says that they are pretty much trustworthy with their score of 4.9/5. Users recommended investing money in them if they love the idea of wireless charging. Much of their praise was regarding the products but they do warn shipping to be slow at times.

MAGFAST Alternatives

Even though MAGFAST is the world’s first wireless power bank chargers. There are several more brands now with the same concept.

Kew Labs Tech: Kew Labs Tech is an Ohio based company which specializes in selling wireless chargers. They mix technology from Korea and America to create the perfect products for you. They come with a warranty and have found great success with users.

Go Nimble: Go Nimble or Nimble is another such company. They sell a myriad of wireless charging systems for different purposes. Much like MAGFAST, they also believe in environmental impact and follow protocols to prevent too much damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What is the Upgrade page on the MAGFAST website?

Ans: The Upgrade section on the MAGFAST website is their newsletter side. They upload a new episode weekly and give you info about charging of all kinds. You can get to see new products sneak peeks as well as any future announcements.

Q2# Where are all the products of MAGFAST made?

Ans: All products of MAGFAST are designed and advertised in the USA. However, the main production takes place in China but they promise to be all premium. So, no compromise on quality and technology.

Q3# What kind of batteries does MAGFAST use for their chargers?

Ans: MAGFAST uses lithium ion batteries for all their chargers which are lighter and smaller. Different capacity batteries are used for each product depending on their ability. They also have some great advice on how to keep your batteries from degrading.


For the people who remained unconvinced with the answer to this question. ‘Is MAGFAST legit?, well hopefully you don’t have to be anymore.

Vast majority have voted them to be genuine and also rated them pretty highly. Which means they are a good option for innovative chargers.

Overall, a very good alternative to using wired chargers which are cumbersome and prone to tangling. They are also not bad for their price, given other such brands are much more expensive.

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