Is Champs Sports Legit or Scam? (Champs Sports Reviews)

We all know What Footlocker is right? Then by default, you must know what Champs Sports is as well. That’s right, a retailer for sports goods and is a sister concern of Footlocker.

But even though Champs Sports is so well-known and popular among people in America, I still gotta ask. Is Champs Sports legit?

You know now what I have to do. Yup, get all the relevant information needed to answer this question. I hope you stay with me until then!

Champs Sports Review

Champs Sports was started in 1980 by Woolworth Corporation as part of Footlocker and a specialty store. They sold sporting merchandise for athletes and sport enthusiasts alike.

They are now one of the leading retailers for footwear and apparel from many sports brands. They operate as many as 540 stores in several countries and the biggest flagship in NYC Times Square.

In 1997, Woolworth Corporation changed its name to Venator Group, Inc and still runs it to this day. They try to bring the latest collections from most major sports brands.

Is Champs Sports Legit?

The mother of all questions, is Champs Sports authentic and not fake?

Yes, Champs Sports is legit and definitely not fake or a scam. They are in business for many years and plan to go on for years to come. They have been featured in many sports magazines and have been sponsors for several sports teams.

All of these go on to show they are the real deal.

Champs Sports Products

While browsing Champs Sports you can find all sorts of sports and athletic wear. Starting with apparel, footwear, accessories and of course sporting equipment.

They carry major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Reebok, UGG, Under Armour, Timberland and Brooks. They are mostly famous for selling sneakers and athletic shoes.

The store also has an impressive collection of hoodies, joggers and jackets and leggings. As for accessories you can pick your selection from socks, caps and underwear.

How Affordable Is Champs Sports?

When it comes to pricing, I would say their prices fall within many budgets. As we all know for branded sneakers, some people are willing to pay a lot.

But don’t worry though, you can get other stuff like apparel and accessories ranging from $20 and above. And if you are a member of the rewards program, you can have several discounts.

You can even check out their sales page for further high saving products at low prices. But prices do not go above $300, that much I can confirm.

Champs Sports Shipping Policy

Okay, so Champs Sports has several shipping timetables for your convenience. You can choose any of them and sometimes can get it for free especially for members.

For standard 5-6 business shipping you can pay $10 for it. They are the cheapest option of the lot and also the most popular one.

For faster deliveries, you can choose Overnight Shipping or 3-4 business day shipping. For those, fees range from $25 to $35 depending on your items.

Champs Sports Return Policy

You have exactly 45 days from the time of the delivery to return any item you want. They have to be in good conditions and unused to be considered returns.

If you send them used goods, they will deduct a fee of $6.99 as compensation. You can return goods either at one of their stores or ship it to their warehouses.

After they accept your returned goods, you can either opt for a full refund or an exchange. For refunds, you have to wait a few days to get the payment in your account.

Champs Sports Customer Feedback

To get a full overview of a company, it’s so important to check out other people’s reviews. And here is no different.

TrustPilot has a very low rating of Champs Sports with a 1.4/5 based on more than a 100 reviews. Some people said that they have a bizarre tendency to cancel orders while taking payments. They also mention the company sends wrong orders and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.

SiteJabber also has similar views of Champs Sports regarding customer service. They have based their score of 2.37/5 from hundreds of reviews and they all mention poor service. Among sports retailer stores, they only position 65th among other ones.

Champs Sports Alternatives

As you know, there are many stores like Champs Sports here and there. But to know the best ones, I have compiled two of them.

Footaction: Another subsidiary of Champs Sports, Footaction is equally well-known and popular among people. They are best known for their sports shoes from top rated brands like Nike and Reebok. They have been serving for decades and are definitely legit!

Eastbay: Yet another part of the same company, Easybay is equally legit and a fine recommendation. Whenever you hear sneakers, you might also hear people getting them from here. Whether you need joggers from Nike or a pair of Yeezys, Eastbay is here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# What type of payment options are available at Champs Sports?

Ans: You have few options of payments to choose from such as using credit/debit cards. You can use any of your VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. There is also the option of choosing Apple and Google Pay or Klarna.

Q2# Are there special discounts for students at Champs Sports?

Ans: Students who have signed up for Student Beans can get special discounts on Champs Sports. All you have to do is flash your student ID. You get discounts up to 20% off and many offers!

Q3# Is there any rewards program available at Champs Sports?

Ans: Yes! You can sign up for their rewards program at Champs Sports in no time. You can then enjoy free shipping, first admissions into new drops and get exclusive rewards. To earn points you can refer friends, share on social media and take surveys.


If you are still in a pickle over this question, ‘Is Champs Sports Legit?’, this is for you. Sure, I know that customer feedback is not that great, but know that they are legit.

They have been supporting and supplying the sneaker community for years and it shows. Many people still love to visit the place for their new collections.

So, if you are still unsure as to to where you can find sneakers, maybe give them a try? They might just end up surprising you (in a good way, of course).

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