Is Nordstrom Legit or Scam?

When it comes to shopping who doesn’t know Nordstrom? It is one of USA’s longest operating retail stores. Anyone and everyone has at one point rifled through Nordstrom’ s racks to find the perfect prom dress.

From clothes and cosmetics to home items, Nordstrom has it all in terms of designer goods. But, when it comes to their e-commerce site are we supposed to just blindly claim they are trustworthy? Is Nordstrom legit?

Now, there is absolutely no need to fear. If you are actually looking for honest and real reviews you are in the correct place. I am here to erase those confusions and let me tell you what I found.

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Nordstrom Review

Founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901, Nordstrom started off as a shoe store in Seattle. Later which transformed into luxury departmental stores all across USA. It is now hailed as one of the leading retailers in the country.

The company has been serving consumers for more than 100 years in terms of fashion and beauty.

Their products range from clothes, footwear, accessories, beauty products and even home furnishings. Consumers can buy them through both their physical stores and online store.

Is Nordstrom Legit?

Now, you must have your shopping cart ready, just waiting for me to spill the tea. So instead of making you waste your valuable time, I will go straight to the answer.

The answer is yes! It is legit! It can be your one stop for all things luxury. There is an absolute plethora of items that you can shop from the site without the fear of getting scammed. You can waltz through the website knowing that it is most definitely legit!

Before you get giddy with joy and start stuffing your cart with products, scroll down below to get all the information you need.

Nordstrom Features

Why do we need to look at their features? Shopping online looks simple enough right? But I am here to help you look at some of their unique and exclusive features.

Simple Format: The format of the site is aesthetically pleasant with its black and white background and wording. Categories of their products are listed on top which helps customers to minimize their search.

I really liked that their homepage lists great deals, new collections and what each customer might like. It somehow feels more personal and familiar.

Apps and Mobile shopping: Another great feature is that you can access Nordstrom literally from anywhere. You can shop through your phone and PC.

You can also download their app through Apple store and Playstore and voila! Next thing you know you are shopping while you are in the subway returning back from work.

Designer Goods: Nordstrom is known for bringing in the most exclusive and high-end products from different designers. They offer a wide range of products which will appeal to any customer I am sure. From Balenciaga handbags to Tiffany and Co. fragrances.

Range of services: Unique to this company only, consumers can book appointments for free styling, free beauty services which includes helping you with makeovers.

You can even book appointments for any alterations and tailoring you need. Guys can take advantage of this when it comes to suit shopping.

Loyalty perks: They have gained a loyal customer base with their own Nordstrom cards and rewards with every purchase. Which I think is a lovely way of maintaining customer relations. It gives shopaholics like us great incentives to keep on shopping.

Nordstrom Pricing

Nordstrom prices go from $20 up to thousands. Women’s and men’s clothing typically cost the highest followed by shoes and handbags. In my opinion, even though prices are generally high, buying products here are worth it. You simply get what you pay for which are good quality items.

Those who are concerned about high prices can rejoice because of Nordstrom Rack. Their off-price department is there to serve all the sales and deals to save your wallet. At Nordstrom Rack, customers can find any designer good at sale up to 70% off. Jump to their website to steal all the deals.

You can even request a price adjustment if you pay full price for an item and you see the price reduced during the next two weeks. Is there any company as thoughtful as this one?

Can Nordstrom Ship Anywhere in the World?

They have very easy and fantastic shipping policies available for everyone. You can have anything shipped in the US within 3-5 business days for free. For impatient people like me you can pay a little extra and have your items shipped in just two days.

For international shoppers there’s good news. You can now buy and ship almost anywhere outside US using their e-commerce site Borderfree. They tend to deliver within 5-13 days which I think is not that hard to wait for. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free shipping but getting products directly to your doorstep is a pretty sweet deal.

Can you return any Nordstrom item?

Now here’s the deal with their return and exchange policies. The most number of complaints I have found from reviewers are because of their return policy. Why? Glad you asked. Keep reading to find out.

Unlike most retailers in the US, they get to decide if each return is eligible for a refund or credit points. Hence, shoppers might be bit concerned, what if you do not like the things you ordered. It might seem intimidating but they do offer range of ways you can easily return and exchange items.

People in US can return Nordstrom products directly through their stores or mailing them. Dropping them off curbside OR returning them online by filling out a form is available too. Every return is free and if they think you deserve a refund, they would happily do so.

Same for international shoppers. You need to use Borderfree to return and exchange anything. Only downside is? You need to pay for shipping and gotta wait for a month or so.

User Reviews of Nordstrom

If I am judging overall, I would say Nordstrom rates pretty alright. According to sites like and, they did not find anything shady with their dealings. However, complaints about slow shipping and refunds were common among users.

So, feel free to read up on their shortcomings and decide whether you want to invest your time and money.

Is it Safe Shopping from Nordstrom?

A company with a history of over hundred years, I can safely say they are pretty legit. It is absolutely safe buying from them. Did you know they have a website domain for almost 26 years now?

Most e-commerce sites are pretty new in the scene but they have been in business online for decades. I don’t think I need to convince any further. Do I?

Do Nordstrom Have Physical Stores?

Yes! For people in USA and Canada they have plenty of locations to wander in. They are currently operating 100 stores in 32 states of USA and in 3 provinces of Canada. Their headquarters and flagship store are in Seattle, Washington.

Nordstrom Pros and Cons

For your easy shopping I have listed a few pros and cons.


– They have been running online business for many years
– They offer a wide range of good quality products
– Good pricing
– Their SSL certificate is legit and so safe to use


– Several complaints from users
– Slow shipping and hassle with returns

Nordstrom Alternatives

Bloomingdales: What else comes to mind when shopping? Bloomingdales! They have a humongous list of options, rivaling Nordstrom. Just like them, Bloomingdales is also known for selling luxury goods.

Neiman Marcus: Another American luxury departmental store, they sell everything luxurious under one website. They are known to carry a number of designer goods, including clothes and accessories. Popular with users just like Nordstrom.


Again, that question arises. Is Nordstrom legit? For the final time, yes Nordstrom is fully legit! My shopping cart is already full. What are you guys waiting for? Feel free to share your experiences.

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