Is Bloomingdales Legit or Scam?

Do you remember the episode in the sitcom ‘Friends’. Rachel gets her first break in the fashion world by getting a job at Bloomingdales? How she used to tackle her job by being a personal shopper for designers products?

Ever since then, whenever I’m in the mood to buy some designer goods, Bloomingdales immediately comes to mind. Rated 5th best luxury departmental store in USA, it doesn’t come as a surprise as it has been operating since late 1800s.

But with so many e-commerce sites in the market, are we sure we can fully trust them? Is Bloomingdales legit? I took the time to jot down all the highs and lows of Bloomingdales just for you guys.

Hope it helps you to decide if Bloomingdales is legit (or not).

Bloomingdales Review

Bloomingdales is a chain of high-end departmental stores owned by Macy’s, Inc. in USA. The company was founded by Joseph B. and Lyman G. Bloomingdale in 1860. Their headquarters and flagship store are in Manhattan, New York. And they are currently running around 53 stores all across the states.

Did you know they were one of the few stores to bring in a myriad of European fashion to USA? At one point Bloomingdales got so popular that their store locations were used for fashion shows. They even were the first one to introduce designer shopping bags. Fascinating isn’t it?

Is Bloomingdales Legit?

You have learned a bit about their history. Now, what about their e-commerce website? Is Bloomingdales legit? Trustworthy enough to use for all your shopping desires?

YES! They are Legit. Do not fear when using their e-commerce website. Find out more why I think it’s worth shopping from Bloomingdales.

Bloomingdales Features

Like any other e-commerce platform they have a pretty common format, but scroll down to find out some of their unique features I dug up and fell in love with.

Discounts and promo codes: Bloomingdales has very active discounts and promo codes offerings on their site. As soon you open up their website you, every offer and deals will be displayed on top. Leaves you plenty of time to get your hands on the sweetest deals.

Loyallist program: With their loyallist card, you can gain enough points for free everyday shipping. Unlimited time guaranteed for returns and exclusive offers only reserved for their loyal customers. I mean if this doesn’t seal the deal I don’t know what will. They even offer free gift wrapping!

Shopping services: They provide several different ways for the optimum shopping experience. They offer Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, place orders online and pick up all within couple of hours. They also have Curbside Pickup, place an order online, drive to your designated location and get contactless pickup. A terrific way to shop during this pandemic.

In-store styling expert: They have several in-house experts. They can provide any fashion advice you need from choosing a pair of shoes or a wedding gown. Any advice you need can be found by clicking on their Chat With A Stylist Option.

Registry Section: A unique aspect of Bloomingdales is their registry option. Any users getting married, this a completely hassle free way of determining what you need as wedding gifts. The endless options and deals don’t hurt either.

How Expensive is Bloomingdales?

Designer goods are always on the higher price spectrum. A small price to pay for good quality name brands. In Bloomingdales case they usually have so many deals going on. It’s hard to resist adding a pair of Tory Burch flats or a Burberry handbag to my shopping cart.

Prices for dresses and shirts start from $40 and can jump to a $1000. Handbags and watches are usually their high earning goods. Beauty cosmetics are the most common things users end up buying.

What kind of products are available at Bloomingdales?

Bloomingdales has an endless list of products. They started from selling fashionable hoop skirts during the 1800s and now selling every new fashion collections available.

From women’s dresses to men’s clothing, they have something for everyone. Handbags, shoes and accessories are some of their most expensive items. But they also have a great collection of kids goods, electronics and home decors.

Recently, they have been bringing in more ethically sourced brands which is always a plus in my book. Rest assured that buying anything from Bloomingdales will always be of high quality.

Bloomingdales Customer Satisfaction

Based on various reviews on different sites it’s safe to announce they have a pretty loyal customer base. Their experiences are mostly positive. A few complaints here and there buut it is expected when you are running such a huge company.

However, they do know how to address any issue you have. They put a lot of value on customer feedback. If you are a bit patient they try to resolve any concern as soon as possible. Actions which are commendable, I would say.

Can Bloomingdales Ship Anywhere?

They have pretty standard shipping policies which is always free. For some extra price, you can have your products delivered the same day or the next. For exchange/refund you get 90 days or 30 days for final offer items to get a full refund.

if you are international shopper, there’s good news. You can use Borderfree to order items and have them delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. Be warned though, beauty, electronics, furniture and fragrances are not eligible for international shipping.

Does Bloomingdales Provide Customer Care?

If you have any problem or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service. They have several numbers and email address listed at their website and you know the best part? They promise to listen to your concerns at any day and at any time of the day.

FAQs of Bloomingdales

Q1# Does Bloomingdales have a valid SSL certificate?
Ans: According to Xolphin SSL Check, yes! They are fully certified.

Q2# Is it safe to trust consumer reviews?

Ans: They are scored pretty highly in different trust sites. I have religiously combed through hundreds of consumer reviews in different websites and came to this conclusion. I won’t deny that they have some shortcomings, but overall, I think the site is absolutely safe to use. No shady business going on here.


So, what did we learn here? Is Bloomingdales legit? Would you trust them? I definitely would. After checking Bloomingdales reputation from different sources and even through my own experience I can declare it as legit. Do I need to convince you any further? Go crazy with shopping at Bloomingdales!

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