Is Revolve Legit or Scam?

Let us have a chat about Revolve. You know the fashion retailer who sells so many street wear brands under one roof? The company which revolves (pun intended) around hundreds of designers under one platform?

But without a physical location is it worth investing our time? Is Revolve legit? I mean for us millennials, time is money baby!

Who wants to sit around and browse through a website only to find out it’s a scam? Not me that’s for sure, but it’s fine. I’ve penned down the most genuine and honest review out there only for you my readers, you’re welcome!

Revolve Review

Two friends, Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas found themselves out of jobs in 2003. Both coming from non-fashion backgrounds, they created the company Revolve. The e-commerce blew up within the first few years, selling a myriad of products targeted especially towards millennials.

Read this out, it pulled in a track record of sales worth billions in 2019? Can you imagine, Billions! It is always on the lookout for fresh and trendy designers which you won’t get in your local Macy’s.

It sells everything from clothing, accessories to shoes and beauty products.

Is Revolve legit?

We get it, Revolve is trendy and it promises to have something for every fashionable being. But there are so many choices out in the world to trap us. Is Revolve legit?

In a one word answer, YES! It’s one hundred percent legit, you can trust it with everything and I promise it won’t disappoint you. Anyone following the brand new fashion trends, ‘tis an amazing option for you.

What does Revolve sell?

I love the way Revolve always brings in so many edgy and fresh designers. It carries more than 500 brands from little-known ones like Ganni to well-known brands like Adidas. Cute rompers, vegan leather jackets, scrunchies, onesies, anything associated with millennial fashion are available here.

A personal recommendation for you. Please check out Onzie’s lounge wear. They are cute and comfy and the best part, they are sustainable!

Are Revolve Products Expensive?

It depends what you consider expensive and affordable. With so many choices to choose from, it’s not too hard to find something within your budget. Plenty of options are available for people searching for dresses and jackets under 100 dollars.

Prices usually start from 20 dollars and rocket to even 1500 dollars. But, I mean you can always check out their sales and deals to find affordable options. So many steals!

How long does Revolve take to ship?

Not long at all, it has immensely positive reviews when it comes to its shipping. Revolve can usually send items to most of the countries barring a few ones. Super fast deliveries, free standard shipping and almost always on time, win win for everyone involved.

What is the return policy for Revolve?

Like its shipping, its return policies are also to be appreciated. It usually provides full refunds for items returned within 60 days and any exchange within 90 days. Apart from a few exceptions such as bridesmaids outfits and final sales, everything else is game.

Only downside for international users? You have to spend out of your own pocket to send the returns.

Does Revolve have a mobile app?

Not only it has a website, it also has a very easy to use mobile app. You can download it on your Iphone or Android and shop where ever you go. How convenient is that, now you can shop while you are standing in line for your groceries.

Are there other websites connected to Revolve?

Revolve has two other sister concerns. Forward and Revolve man.

Forward is their luxury counterpart where you can browse through a wide collection of high-end brands. It carries all the trendy stuff a young millennial might need to get that bougie life.

Revolve Man on the other hand is the website for all the fashionable males out there. From hoodies, sweatshirts to denim it has a huge list of products to appeal to any man.

What do users have to say about Revolve?

From what I have observed and read, Revolve is highly rated in the fashion world. Sitejabber has in fact given it the 2020 Customer Choice Winner award. Hundreds of customers have gushed about its amazing customer service.

Whatever minor hiccups any user face are usually immediately solved by the brand. Some people have even termed it as one of their best experiences regarding an e-commerce. Mighty impressive!

How can you get in touch with Revolve?

Revolve has live support, phone numbers and email address listed on its website. If you need any advice regarding fashion, you can contact its in house stylists. Kim and Ryan are both fantastic at customizing looks for any individual looking for some fashion advice.

Fun facts about Revolve

I could not resist sharing these fun tidbits about Revolve with my readers. Enjoy!

  1. Did you know Revolve has collaborated with a lot of influencers and celebrities to market their products? Celebs like Kendall Jenner, Nicole Richie and Winnie Harlow have been part of the Revolve family.
  2. Recently, it has promised to bring in more eco-friendly brands and sustainable fashionable. Love when companies act responsibly towards the earth.
  3. Users tagging Revolve and using their hashtags can be featured in their official page! For all the fashionistas, it’s a great way to get noticed. Every year Coachella has the most amount of people wearing Revolve fashion and tagging the brand.


Okay, so what did we learn here? Is Revolve legit? Yes, hands down, I cannot stress how amazing this e-commerce site is. I think you already got the gist by the amount of times I have praised this place.

So many options to choose from and so user-friendly. I hope this review puts any fear you had about this website to sleep. Do not hesitate to let me know what you got from Revolve and comment down below!

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