Is Slam Jam Legit or Scam?

Have you heard the words buzzing around Luca Benini’s Slam Jam? A fashion retailer who brings subcultures and fashion all under one roof.

If I have to describe this retailer I would say it’s a cross between street-wear and high fashion. But what about its authenticity though?

Is Slam Jam legit? To find out, follow this review to get your answer!

Slam Jam Review

Slam Jam Socialism was founded in 1989 by Luca Benini. Who was one of the first pioneers in bringing street-wear to the world of Italian fashion.

They started in Ferrara which managed to click with underground people of art, music and clubs. With their influence and encouragement, Benini introduced unknown brands like Stussy to the people.

For 30 years Slam Jam has been bringing people of different subcultures unique get ups, accessories and goods. Today they not only sell, but also collaborate with brands and communities in bringing you innovations and styles.

Is Slam Jam Legit?

If I have to answer this question in just one sentence it would be:

Yes, Slam Jam is fully legit and how! Slam Jam is literally a seal of approval on subcultures and fashion. If you are into bringing eclectic change to your fashion, Slam Jam is the way to go.

So, what makes Slam Jam so unique?

Slam Jam Products

Slam Jam is a lifestyle in my opinion, so whatever you get here are all niche products. They bring in clothing such as eclectic t-shirts, puffy jackets, sweatshirts, patchwork shirts, bodysuits and vintage Levi’s.

In the accessories department you get bucket hats, woolly beanies, oilcloth totes, berets, football scarves and plenty more. For shoes you have Nike sneakers, military boots, technical sandals and rare collections of footwear.

Slam Jam is known for some wacky lifestyle stuff like Andy Warhol Be@rbrick and Mother Mary candles. You can get all kinds of niche and popular brands like Elephant Publishing and Adidas together.

Cost of Slam Jam

Since products at Slam Jam are unique and might not be available anywhere else, prices might vary. Clothing ranges anywhere between $35-$4000.

Things like jackets and coats are definitely more expensive than products like hats or tank tops. Vintage boots like Maison Margiela ones cost like $1000+ if you are into these stuff.

Accessories like backpacks and handbags are within different budgets. Ranging from $27 fanny packs to $750 Tricon backpack.

Slam Jam Shipping Policy

Slam Jam is very inclusive when it comes to shipping. They ship to Europe, America and most parts of Asia and Africa.

Charges depend on the number of items and locations. There are two types of shipping available at the moment.

Standard Shipping: Only countries like Italy, United States, Hong Kong, Japan and some more can avail it for free. Others have to pay charges ranging anywhere between €13 to руб 2.500,00.

Express Shipping: Express shipping is pretty much available for most countries except for Russia. You have to pay a bit extra to get faster shipping from €10 to $55.

Slam Jam Return Policy

Some things might need to be returned and Slam Jam makes it quite easy. They allow 15 days to make your returns during which items need to be in original conditions.

Either you can wait for them to pick up with return labels or you can do it yourself. Whichever method you choose, just remember that cost is not free.

You might even need to pay some import taxes. Refunds are very fast though: two business days.

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Slam Jam Customer Feedback

Apart from my review, are you wondering what others think of Slam Jam?

Trust Pilot has rated Slam Jam at 4.7 which is almost a perfect score! Based on 2780 reviews, about 89% people have rated them as excellent followed by good. Slam Jam has been rated as one of the most reliable sites on the Internet.

Knoji has been generous with their rating of Slam Jam of 4.3/5. Score is based on popularity, pricing and customer rating and they have managed to get a high one. Almost 70% have said yes to a recommendation of Slam Jam.

Slam Jam Alternatives

What else is similar to Slam Jam? Just for you guys here’s a couple more.

Touch Of Modern: An online retailer of men’s fashion which includes some hard to find clothing and accessories. You can find cutting edge products and new market products which would definitely turn some heads.

END. Clothing: A mixture of street-wear and high fashion, END. Clothing is a dream for fashionable men. They sell upscale fashion items from the latest sneakers to contemporary shirts and shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How many Slam Jam stores are there?

Ans: There are two locations of Slam Jam which are in Milano and their headquarters in Ferrara. If you are ever in those areas, be sure to visit them.

Q2# Are VAT(s) applicable to my orders from Slam Jam?

Ans: If you are ordering from a EU country then an Italian VAT might be applicable. Non-EU ones do not have to pay any VAT.

Q3# Can I contact Slam Jam customer service?

Ans: You absolutely can contact Slam Jam for customer service. If you send them a request, they would be happy to assist you with your concerns.


Are you still asking yourself ‘Is Slam Jam legit?’ – Now you don’t have to! Slam Jam has excellent reviews and ratings which ensures us that they are more than legit.

They have immense experience in bringing out the latest styles of urban subculture. Which means with the help of Slam Jam you can stand out from the crowd.

If you aren’t still convinced please pay them a visit and you can see for yourself.

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