Is Blinq Legit or Scam?

Hi there! I hope you’re reading this to find out about Blinq. Good for you, I have done all the research you need.

All you need to do is, just keep reading. I’ve got all things to say, good or bad. If you worry over Blinq being legit, let me tell you exactly what it is.

Don’t worry anymore, simply put- I’m here for you.

Blinq Review

Reading this review, you will get a good idea of what Blinq is. I have covered every popular question that is asked about it. Also discuss whether it is legit or not.

I also cover here how it works, the features of this website, how to contact their customer care. Also, the famous discount codes for this site along with shipment and returns policies. I also tap a little into how well customers are satisfied or not.

All for you, so you can make the right purchase every time. Sit back, let us begin with the burning questions.

What is Blinq

Blinq is owned and operated by OPROTO, a company. Their motto is to return the overstocked inventories, instead of letting those products go to waste. You’ll find good deals and prices here and save more, waste less.

Blinq Features

As for the features, Blinq dons many items. You may be thinking they only sport electronics. The full list of products they have are here.

01# Electronics: Yes and yes. Tablets, phones, laptops, TVs. All are such electronics that we need at a good price range here for you to buy. They also have more gadgets in their site for you to choose from, a great variety and range of price. Also, a ‘recently added’ tab is there too for quick searches of new items.

02# Home and garden: Remember I said they don’t only sell electronics? They also sell home and garden related products. Anything you can think of, at all. Such as, bath and bedding, patio and garden products, home supplies and cleaning items as well. There’s literally something here for any home-maker or decorator.

03# Accessories and Clothing: Men, women, kids- all have a place here. They have accessories and clothing for pretty much everyone. Shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, jewelry, belts? Just search them up and you’ll see. They also have costumes that are fun and exciting! And at low prices, it’s even so worth it.

04# Health and Fitness: These days, health and fitness is a must. Blinq has covered items starting from beauty to supplements, and sport goodies to hiking essentials. If you’re planning a vacation, these are the tabs you want to keep open! So convenient and honestly, much needed.

05# Toys and Baby: There’s also something for the little ones. Baby products include kids toys, puzzles and games, dolls and stuffed animals. As well as baby essentials, such as wipes, diapers and baby safety and travel essentials. This is probably every parent’s dream to see a section dedicated for their kids.

06# More: Lastly, they have a ‘more’ section. This is where literally everything else is found. Starting from music equipment, car parts, collectibles, auto parts and such. You think it, they got it. Just search up what you may or might need. You’ll be stunned.

Is Blinq Legit

There is truth to what critics have to say. But trust me, Blinq isn’t playing you.

They are legit. Phew!

However, many say to keep eye out for the prices.

Always go with your gut with any purchase. But. There is enough evidence to say Blinq is safe!

Let me discuss further why Blinq is well-loved.

Blinq Website & Contact Information

The handle of their website is Their site is reliable and looks very professional to the eye.

Their arrangement from website design to the content quality is fair. It almost feels as though you’re buying the items from their own companies.

The email you can reach for support is this is all the information there is regarding customer care.

How Does Blinq work

Aah. The good old tale of how it all works.

Blinq basically works like any retailer. You select your product, buy them. They ship it to you. And that’s it really!

But, let me let you in on a secret.

Returned and overstocked inventories come to Blinq everyday from companies. The good quality, good conditioned items make the cut. They put it up on their site for you to see. You cop those at low prices, and now you’re done.

Quality items now has a home rather than being thrown out or discarded. The concept behind Blinq is to create a space for these sort of inventories.

Pretty good idea, also why Blinq is famous.

Blinq Discount & Promo

Firstly, you’re getting good low prices on Blinq to begin with. If you still want more discounts, visit their clearance sections or this site to see some exciting coupon codes.

You can get upto 50% off using these codes. Such a good deal, right?

Blinq Shipping and Return Policy

This right here is one you may have been worried about. I’m here to bust all the myths. Let’s put on our investigator hats.
Blinq comes with a 30 days money return policy. So if you don’t like a product, you’re free to send it back! Nothing will be asked.

You simply return the original item by going to their website and filling up a form. Then they refund you, as long as it is within 30 days of the purchase. And then returns will be processed within 2-3 working days. It also could take up 5 days for special circumstances.

As for shipping, it is free for all orders in the US. So, international folks are going to be a bit sad about this. Most orders arrive within 2 business days.

You can track the status of your order, like any other site. And reviews say they’re pretty on time with their deliveries. So, you don’t have to worry about shipment and returns as much. They’ve been doing this for a while now to be good at it.

Blinq Customer Satisfaction

Now, this is the most controversial part. I’ll get straight into it.

As contrary to your belief, Blinq actually has a really good rating. Like, I mean very good.

It has about 4.78 out of 5 by 2000+ customers. Everyone says good things about this site. Generally most customers are satisfied with their products from Blinq. And has had a good interaction with their help/care line.

Honestly, that’s all that’s needed to say Blinq is not scammy. It is legit, at the end of the day. You still want to skim through all your choices and select the right product you want. Certain defects or small flaws may always be there as these are discarded stock.

So, keep that in mind! But Blinq isn’t playing. They’re real in what they promise and customers like buying them.


Blinq is the super saver of all things which would have gone to waste. They’re innovative, sustainability oriented. And also, so good with prices.

What are you aiming to buy? Are you going to use this review and head over to their site? I know I have gone a few times. I really like it, so will you!

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